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E-Club 18 Ways to Earn

1. Earn by promoting E-Club Online Business and referring us to other people you know.
 Direct and Indirect Referrals (see compensation plan for details)
2. Earn from Spillover and Spillunder from our 2 x 14 Forced Matrix.
 Spillover and Spillunder (see compensation plan for details)
3.  Earn monthly cash incentives if you are a student or teacher (profit sharing).
 Earn Pho100-Php 1,000 if you are a bonafide student or teacher.
4. Earn 100% profit by reselling our e-books. (With Master Resell Rights and Private Label Rights)
 Sell each E-books at Php10.00 SRP (55,000 E-books to choose from)
5. Earn by being an Elite member of E-Club. 40% of the monthly product sale will be divided to the members. (1 year Elite benefits), Once your Premium account graduated you are qualified to become an ELITE member.
 Earn Php 500-Php 1,000php from our Monthly Product Sales
6. Earn by promoting E-Club lending services and referring us to non-Eclub member.
 From the 8% interest to a non-member, 3% interest will be for the member and the other 5% will be for the company.
7. Earn in our profit sharing. First 8 members to reached Section 14 (VIP account) will get a 1% company share.
 Granted the company’s profit is 1 million pesos, 1% is the company share of a member who reached Section 14 (Php10,000)
8. Earn by promoting E-Club online travel booking and referring us to other people you know.
 Earn Php50 once your referral booked with our travel booking services.
9. Earn by finding a franchisee of our E-Club online travel booking business.
 Earn Php500 if your referral franchised our travel booking business
10. Earn by referring E-Club online English tutorial services.
 Earn Php200 from each enrollee in our tutorial services
11. Earn by referring E-Club online shopping business. (Lyoness)
 Earn Php200 if your referral registered in our online shopping business
12. Earn by promoting E-Club migration services and referring us to all Nurses, Skilled Workers and other qualified workers. (Courtesy of Canadian Immigration Specialists)
 Earn Php500 from our company if your referral availed the services of the above mentioned.
13. Earn discounts from our partner companies.
 Earn 5%-10% discount from our partner companies
14. Earn by referring E-Club Show Money services to individuals who applied for Tourist Visa.
 Earn Php200 if your referral availed our Show Money services
15. Earn by referring E-Club Advertising services to a non-eclub member.
 Earn Php200 if your referral purchased our advertising services (soon)
16. Earn by referring IELTS Review services to member/non-eclub member. (9.0 NINER IELTS Review Center and ELITE Review Center)
 Earn Php200 if your referral enrolled to any review centers mentioned
17. Earn by referring E-Club Website Hosting, SEO, graphic designs, and online reputation management services
 Earn Php500 if your referral purchased from any of the above mentioned services
18. Earn cash incentives and gadgets from our quarterly promo, special event promo and to all top earners.
 To be updated very soon. (see website for more details)

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