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Q:  Why should I join E-Club Online business?

A: As we know, online businesses are becoming the new trend for many working people. business owners, working professionals, students, retirees, and even stay-at-home moms and dads were shifting from their traditional tiring daily job to conveniently, exciting online business. Thus, we are positive to say that E-Club Online business will be a phenomenon because of the primary benefits each member can get from its products as well as the financial advantage they can gain from joining in this one of a kind business.

Q: Does E-Club really give people more free time, or does it require a lot of time to succeed?

A:  Like any small business, it takes hard work to succeed in E-Club Online business, and that requires time and commitment, especially in the beginning. This business does offer flexibility for members in running their business. Unlike most conventional jobs, Eclubbers can work at home, when they want, at their own pace, on their own schedule, according to the goals they have set for themselves. For some that means if they need an afternoon to attend to study, go to gym with friends, they can arrange their work schedule to allow this. The choice of when, where and how much time to devote to their E-Club business is theirs alone. This flexibility is one important reason why the opportunity appeals to so many people especially high school and college students in the Philippines.

Q: Does it cost anything to join the Club?

A: It costs a onetime fee of only P40 and no extra hidden charges. (NON REFUNDABLE)

Note: It will usually take up to 2 to 3 days after payment verification for your account to be activated.

Q: What payment processors do you use? 

A:  You can send your payments to any of our BPI and BDO accounts, Gcash, Smart Money, and LBC Remittance Express, Cebuana Kwarta Padala, Western Union, Mhuillier.  Members will be paid through the same payment processor that they will use. Hence, they have the option to convert the payment to load or check.
Q. What days and time do I need to register and activate my account?

A: Monday-Sunday, 24 hours activation. Just visit www.e-club40.coand click Login/Pre sign up and purchase a code. Once received, you can now fill out the activation form.

Q: What is the schedule of request and pay out?

A: Payment request is every Saturday and Sunday (9AM-12MN). Payout is every Friday.  Monday to Thursday, processing days.

Q: How do I withdraw commissions from my account? 

A: Simply log-in to your account, then click Withdraw Commission button and type your desired amount to withdraw (see Fixed Withdrawal Options). We will pay you through your GCash Account, Smart Money and for bank deposit to BPI and RCBC account.

Q: What is the minimum balance I must get before I can request a payment?

A:  The minimum you are able to withdraw is P200 (Instant cash out). We pay weekly.

Fixed Withdrawal Options: 

Instant Cash out P200 = Earn P200 Net Income

If your account reached P2,047.875 = Earn P988 (Net Income)

If your account reached P4.095.75 = Earn P1,976 (Net Income)

If your account reached P8,191.50 = Earn P3,951 (Net Income)

If your account reached P16,383 = Earn P7, 903Net Income)

If your account reached P32,766 = Earn P15,806(Net Income)

If your account reached P65,532  = Earn P31,611 (Net Income)

Note:  A member has the option to get the instant cash out or convert it to 5 accounts (P200).
Additional Info:

Deductions and Benefits

10% Withholding Tax = P6,553.20

P 100 = Maintenance Fee

P 100 = Processing Fee

P 280 = Re-Entry to Regular Membership

P 400 = Entry to Premium

P 3500 = Entry to Lyoness Online Shopping 

P 6,000 = 2 Dozens of Nitro2Go Products

P 200 = Raffle Entry (1 raffle Entry)

P 17288 = Graduation Bonus

Total of P31,921.20 deductions

P65,532-P31,921.20 = P31,610.80 or(P31,611 NET INCOME)

 Q.   Who can avail the products and services of E-Club Online Business?

 A. Anyone who is at least 13 yrs. old or older can avail our products and services. Parent Consent and Supervision will be required for members who are 13-17yrs old. EClubbers are entitled for free and discounted products and services.

Q: How long before I can start earning money?

A: You can start earning as soon as you sign up and settle your membership fee but you won’t receive commission if you didn’t follow our 4 requirements to cash out. You will receive your referral code that you will need to refer members and invite them to join the club (see personal account).
Please disregard #3 from the requirements

Q: How will I avail the benefits?

A:  All benefits, free/discounted services, perks and incentives have certain requirements. Ask online support team for more info.

 Q: How matrix works?

A: Matrix get filled 4 WAYS BY TEAM EFFORT:

Filling a Matrix will not only come from your own effort. It may come from your upline, downline, crossline and even from other members that do not have a position here in our 2x14 Forced Matrix

1. Direct Referrals – Your referrals will always follow you or be place on the next available position on your current matrix

2. Spill over – spill over may come from the referrals of the people above you of other members from our progressing cycling matrix

3. Spill under - these are the referrals under your matrix 

4. Re-entry position – this are new position 



2x14: 2 wide, 14 level deep. Every single member can pay to you.

Forced:  means that you cannot place your new people where you want them; they must fall in the next open space, typically filled from top to bottom. 

Matrix System: based around a compensation structure that has a set width and depth for which members are compensate

D.R or Direct Referrals: are people that you directly refer to E-Club

I.R or Indirect Referrals: are people that are referred by your direct referrals

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